Repair and troubleshoot

AHU is one of the most commonly used heat exchangers in clean room systems. Because it is used for clean room systems, the technical requirements of AHU air conditioners are quite high. AHU air conditioning systems in a long period of use may malfunction and lead to risks. inoperable status. As one of the most important and complex systems, we need to choose a repair service provider with high technical expertise and quality.

Common problems in AHU

AHU air conditioner is one of the electrical devices, so when it works for a long time or operates at excessive capacity, it is easy to encounter problems and risks. Common problems:

  • Air conditioning system after plugging in the power but not running
  • Making loud noises
  • Refrigeration performance is not guaranteed.
  • The system does not receive signals from the operator.
  • Damaged air valve system, circulating water valve pipe
  • Door frame is open, rust causes heat loss, …
  • Punctured heat exchanger of AHU
  • Poor exchange of AHU indoor unit.
  • Damaged AHU exhaust fan motor.
  • Broken AHU propeller, broken AHU fan belt.

Repair Service AHU

  • Periodic maintenance for AHU, FCU, ceiling air conditioner..
  • Repair and replace AHU fan chamber, AHU propeller, AHU exhaust fan motor.
  • Processing and replacing AHU heat exchanger.
  • Replace the AHU air filter
  • Repair, maintenance, replacement of frames, covers, chambers, doors of AHU…
  • Processing replacement of AHU fan, AHU fan bulb, AHU chamber, AHU floor.
  • Repair, replace cold water circulation pipe AHU